VPN Gate Client download (for Windows, freeware)

Install VPN Gate Client Plug-in with SoftEther VPN Client. It can connect to any of Public VPN Relay Servers of VPN Gate with easy installation. The throughput of VPN communication is better than using L2TP, OpenVPN or SSTP. This program file is digitally signed by the certificate which was issued by GlobalSign. The binary file has a countersignature by Symantec.

  • How to Install and Use
  • Distributable Files
    This software is freeware. You may copy or distribute the downloaded file. You can upload it to other web sites. If your government's firewall is under an out of order by unknown reason and the web site cannot be reached easily from your country, distribute VPN Gate program file on web sites in your country to help other users around you.
  • Note
    Use the latest version if possible. One day if your country's government firewall causes an unknown error and the VPN Gate Client software has a problem, update the VPN Gate Client to the latest version. It is recommended to memorize the Mirror Site URLs List if web site becomes unreachable by out of order of your government's firewall in future. VPN Gate Client Plug-in includes VPN Gate Relay Service. It is disabled by default. You can activate it manually.
  • About Anti-Virus software
    This program uses the network functions of the operating system because this is VPN software.
    Some anti-virus software or firewalls warn that such behavior might be dangerous.
    If your anti-virus disturbs the VPN function, add the VPN program file or the installer to the exception list.


SoftEther VPN Server download (freeware)

SoftEther VPN is freeware developed at University of Tsukuba, Japan. High-performance VPN with the ultimate compatibilities to many devices. Windows, Mac, smartphones, tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows RT) and Cisco or other VPN routers are supported. SoftEther VPN also accepts OpenVPN and MS-SSTP VPN clients. For details, visit

As described on How to Provide Your Computer as a VPN Server for VPN Gate, you can install SoftEther VPN Server and activate the VPN Gate Service (must be activated manually) to make your computer host a VPN service as a member of VPN Gate Academic Experiment.


Using Mac, iPhone / iPad or Android ?

  • You can use L2TP/IPsec with OS built-in L2TP/IPsec VPN Client to connect VPN Gate.
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  • You can use OpenVPN Client (by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.) to connect VPN Gate.
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